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Robalo New Boat Models

Robalo Quality

At Robalo, building world class fishing boats is a passion and a way of life. A leader in the marine industry since 1968, Robalo is renowned for its heavy-duty construction, legendary ride and unwavering desire to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. We invite you to choose from an incredible lineup of Center Consoles, Cayman Bay Boats, Dual Consoles and Walkarounds.

Engineered to Perform Like No Other Fishing Boat

Anglers in-the-know agree that Robalo’s legendary HydroLift hull design rates among the driest and smoothest rides on the water today. Wide reverse chines and pronounced hull strakes deliver exceptional stability and performance, directing spray away from the boat like no other. Rival narrow strake “Carolina” style hulls simply can’t compare. What happens when you combine a solid, heavy duty Kevlar hull with low weight distribution, a variable degree bottom and wide lifting strakes? Quick acceleration. Rock-solid stability at trolling speeds. Maximum fuel efficiency. Exciting top-end. As an added bonus, the new R160 and Robalo’s Cayman Series feature an Extended V-Plane running surface for even more stability, added maneuverability in shallow water and offshore capabilities that far exceed traditional bay boats.


Center Consoles

2017 Robalo R302 Center Console
2017 Robalo R260 Center Console
2017 Robalo R242 Center Console
2017 Robalo R222ES
2017 Robalo R222 Center Console
2017 Robalo R200 Center Console
2017 Robalo R200ES
2017 Robalo R180 Center Console
2017 Robalo R160 Center Console

Bay Boats

2017 Robalo 246 Cayman
2017 Robalo 226 Cayman
2017 Robalo 206 Cayman

Dual Console

2017 Robalo R247 Dual Console
2017 Robalo R227 Dual Console
2017 Robalo R207 Dual Console


2017 Robalo R305 Walkaround
2017 Robalo R265 Walkaround