Rockingham Marina deals exclusively with the best brands in the boating industry. After several years of research, we believe our brands are best in class. While shopping for your new boat, talk with us concerning your boating needs; such as; Cruise & Relaxing (Pontoons, Bow Rider). WE HAVE YOUR BOAT!!!!!

Carefree Boat Club utilizes these brands exclusively at its East Tennessee locations. If you just getting started in your research for a new boat, we suggest you begin your education about boating in general at The Carefree Boater. You’ll find many articles there that will help you decide what kind of boating is going to best suit your family.

If you decide on ownership (versus rental or a boat club) and the sport boat aligns with your family, then we invite you to the marina location where we can show you why our line of boats is equal or superior to Sea Ray, Bayliner, Crownline, Cobalt, Stingray,  Tracker, and the other inland lake boats.


Rockingham Marina - Care Free Boat Club